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We thank you in advance for your support of Page Youth Center programs and facilities. It is important that you know that while PYC maintains a level of self-sustainability through program revenue, program fees do not account for the entire cost of operating and maintaining the facility and organization. PYC relies on the community and local organizations for ongoing support.


With the reality of current economic times, we can all anticipate interesting challenges in serving our community. PYC has seen an increase in the number of participants in programs and youth served in our community. While this is exciting, there is a proportional increase of families in need of financial assistance and costs associated with those programs.

During these times, it is more important than ever that we all help to the extent possible. You can’t make a better investment in the youth of our community than through your continuing support in making “PYC the place to be” for the citizens of tomorrow.

Taking the first step towards making a difference in our community is easy. Begin by filling out your information and the name under which you'd like to make the donation. Once that's done, you'll be guided to select your preferred form of payment. Whether you choose credit card, PayPal, or another secure payment option, rest assured that your contribution will directly support our mission to empower and enrich the lives of youth in our area. Together, let's create positive change and provide essential resources to the next generation. Join us in building a brighter future today!

We are a non-profit organization

Tax ID Number: 770085672

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